Sony has created its own cinematic macrocosm of 90s trash comics with Venom and its outstanding effect Venom Let There Be Woody Harrelson, and I'm further agitated to see this ballot continue. Rather than trying to go toe-to-toe with Marvel’s MCU, they ’ve made the bold decision to pump out pulpy schlock fueled by wild weirdness and designed to be consumed by 13- time-old children reading medicine store ridiculous books while their mothers pick up a tradition. Morbius looks to continue this fine tradition by erecting a movie around a D-list Spider- Man villain and casting a profusely Jesus- faced Jared Leto to portray him. Michael Morbius is a croaker who's also a shark, but none of that matters. Every caravan we ’ve seen looks like a movie that was mugged in the late 90s and also absolute gibberish. But most importantly, Morbius promises to begin tying together the distant vestments of Sony’s Spider- Man cinematic macrocosm into a flashing lamp of trash. In a geography where the MCU has dominated for over 10 times and every blockbuster looks and feels decreasingly the same, I drink the coming chapter of this refreshingly crazy ballot.