After making the MCU trippy with Doctor Strange, Scott Derrickson is returning to horror with The Black Phone and his new movie looks creepy as hell, has been earning rave reviews from its early jubilee wireworks, and reunites him with Sinister collaborators in Blumhouse and Ethan Hawke. Considering Sinister is one of the many pictures to ever authentically scarify the holy hell out of me, that last bit has me particularly intrigued by this one, but there are a many other points of conspiracy. Hawke makes a rare unlawful turn, playing a child killer called"The Grabber,"and his nipping mask was designed by Tom Savini. Also, the film is grounded on Joe Hill's 2004 short story of the same name. That is just a whole lot of horror gift worth getting instigative about, and if the early buzz is to be believed, that excitement is well placed.